Percussion Ensemble Starter Kit

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This Percussion Ensemble Starter Kit contains:

✔️ A Set with three easy arrangements for concert, marching or indoor percussion ensembles
✔️ Concert Percussion Info Guide
✔️ Marching Percussion Info Guide

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This Percussion Ensemble Starter Kit contains:

✔️ Flexible Percussion Starter Pack 5 with three Folk songs arranged for starting or inexperienced percussion ensembles ( $79.95)
✔️ Concert Percussion Info Guide with everything you need to know about all concert percussion instruments ($ 14,95)
✔️ Marching Percussion Info Guide with everything you need to know about all marching percussion instruments ($ 14,95)

Our Flexible Percussion Starter Pack 5 is coming with : 

✔️  A professional bound and printed score on your doorstep in a few days
✔️  Downloadable individual parts (pdf) to start rehearsing immediately
✔️ Downloadable full recordings (mp3) to make preparations easier
✔️ Downloadable practice software (win/mac) to study music efficiently

Our Flexible Percussion Starter Packs are playable with only: 

✔️ 2 melodic percussionists
✔️ 1-3 (marching) percussionists
✔️ 1 timpani player (optional) 

The exact instrumentation is: Mallet 1 (Bells, Vibes), Mallet 2 (Xylophone, Marimba), Snare Drum, Multi Toms (duo/trio/quad), Cymballs, Bass Drums (1,2,3,4), Drumset, Timpani (optional), Tambourine, Cowbell, Claves

Normally you pay $ 109.85 for the complet kit

Now you only pay $ 47.00.

That's more than 50% off!

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Percussion Ensemble Starter Kit

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