Mallet Improvisation Starter Kit

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These 10 solos for vibraphone (marimba and xylophone) and rhythm section in different musical styles and at different levels are a great addition to every percussionist library!

Now including the free course PRACTICING PENTATONIC SCALES IS FUN! (worth $ 14,95) to give your improvisation skills a kickstart!

$39,90 $27,00 You Save: 32%
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Besides the printed score you are receiving downloadable: 

✔️ Individual parts (PDF)

      → to start rehearsing immediately and archive easily

✔️ Full recording (MP3)

      → to get a clear picture and make preparations easier

✔️ Practice Software (WIN/MAC)

      → to slowdown tracks and study music effiently 

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The Mallet Improvisation Starter Kit contains

          ✔️ Behind Bars -10 solos with play along tracks in different levels for all mallet instruments (worth $ 24,95)
          ✔️ Practicing Pentatonic Sales Is Fun - Exercises and play along tracks to learn to improvise (worth $ 14,95)

Behind Bars contains: 

          ✔️ 10 mallet solos including cool play along tracks played by a real band
          ✔️ Different versions of each solo with a 1) single line version 2) two mallet version 3) four mallet version
          ✔️ Practice software (win/mac) to slow down the tracks and study more efficiently

Practicing Pentatonic Scales Is Fun contains: 

          ✔️ 25 exercises and patterns to learn to apply the pentatonic scale
          ✔️ 30 play-along track in different key signatures to play the exercises
          ✔️ Bonus blues play-along including sheet music

Normally you pay $ 39,90 for the book and the course.

Now you only pay $ 27,00.

That's more than 30% off!

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Mallet Improvisation Starter Kit

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